• 10 Reasons Why Being A Mom And A Neat Freak Do Not Mix

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    Moms certainly don't ask for alot. There's two very simple things that make a Mom content…Happy kids and a CLEAN house!! For some reason it's an ongoing battle to have both of these at the same time! Sometimes I think to myself, why even bother to keep this house looking neat-when you have kids, it never fails, within 5 minutes it's messy again. Here's a hilarious list of 10 reasons why being a Mom and a “Neat Freak” DO NOT MIX. This amazing author and Mom of three, Kelly Loya Perez, did a great job putting this fun list together.  It definitely made me giggle out loud and I love reading lists all Moms can totally relate to. You're gonna love this one 🙂

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    53 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Being A Mom And A Neat Freak Do Not Mix”

    1. Wanna bet? I can do both lol. I never sit down, but I can do both! 😉

    2. Agreed! My house is always clean and tidy

    3. We have 5 kids and I am a neat freak. Love these Mondays when their off school, but come Tuesday its clean house day. Lol