• 10 Things Your Daughter Should Know Before She’s 10

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    We all want to protect our children and teach them what they need to know to conquer the world ahead of them. With our daughters, we're especially careful to teach them the ways of the world. To make sure they don't get lost and to know they are very special and deserve the best.

    Click here to find the top 10 things you should tell your daughter before she turns 10.

    10 Things Your Daughter Should Know Before She's 10

    Here's a preview of Laura Usky's article over on Huffington Post:

    1. How adored she is. No matter what you disagree on and even though sometimes you may yell, she should know she is the center of your universe — always.

    2. How to cook. She should be able to prepare small snacks such as eggs, pasta, toast, sandwiches etc. My daughter loves to cook and letting them experiment enforces this life skill.

    3. Body changes are coming and what to expect. She needs to know that along with these hormonal changes will come some emotional changes as well. I have bought my daughter a great book by American Girl called The Care and Keeping of You that breaks down the physical and emotional changes in a very easy to understand way. I highly recommend it or a book like it to assist in explaining all that is going to happen to their bodies in the next few years.

    4. The harm of drugs. Unfortunately, no matter where you live, drugs are a threat to your child and it starts as early as 10 in some cases. Explain to them in no uncertain terms that no drugs are safe to try even once. Make them understand the tragedy that results in the use of drugs and how dangerous and illegal they are. I have made it clear to my daughter that friends will try to convince you to experiment and that she has to be strong enough to walk away, even if it makes her “uncool” to them. I have also let her know that when she gets older and is out and ever feels a situation is becoming unsafe or making her uncomfortable to call a parent to come get her no matter what.

    168 Responses to “10 Things Your Daughter Should Know Before She’s 10”

    1. Yes boys should know how to cook by 10 too. Actually boys should know all of these by 10 also

    2. I followed the link to the huff post article when I got cut off

    3. Letting them stay innocent can be a recipe for disaster. 12 year olds do drugs these days and the losing of virginity isn’t that far behind. Trust me…if you don’t talk to them their friends will and they will get it wrong

    4. Kelly Everett Zachritz Enrico Huante

    5. If you ever hear a group of drug addicts tell their story, you’ll find that MANY of them started between 10-13…so yes, they should know that drugs are bad mmmkay? Leah Fyffe
      And I still laugh when I think about explaining periods to my daughter…she asked while I was on mine so I told her all about the process. And she looks at me absolutely horrified and says “Don’t ever tell me that again…even if I ask…just…never! So glad I don’t have to do that!” I just laaaughed and laughed and said “You will, sweetpea…you will!”

    6. Drugs are getting legalized now. Like alcohol, weed isn’t killing people unless they’re being irresponsible. Yes 10 year olds shouldn’t do drugs but it might be a safer choice to educate them on drugs (risks, side effects) and recommend they wait until they’re old enough to make the choice themselves and not be peer pressured than to just scare them and say how harmful drugs are. Guess what, once they’re in their teens they’ll rebel and do what they want. If they at least have knowledge, the facts, they’ll make better choices.

      • Agree 100%. When I read that one I was like “uuuuh, I disagree.” Teaching a child that no drugs are safe to ever try even once, is lying to them. Teaching them based on facts and logic regarding drugs is a lot smarter, and they’ll end up getting a lot more out of your honesty then they would with scare tactics.

    7. You can keep them innocent and still teach them things and make them aware of some things in the world. It’s all about how you approach things. *in my opinion*

    8. Right?! I remember you saying that whole being nice to everyone thing 🙂 Tanya Reyes

    9. Gil Yzaguirre for Gabe & Zoey

    10. This should go for boys as well! My sons are able to prepare sandwiches and soup at 8yrs & 5yrs. And they help with baking too! It’s not a woman’s job to know how to cook. Sorry but my hubby makes breakfast every weekend. My kids r taught that there are no gender specific roles in life. I mow the grass. It’s everyone’s job to contribute inside and outside the home!

    11. Letting a child stay innocent is not a disaster. Expecting them to grow up faster is. How about playing with your kids hide and seek , pretend or allowing them to do a hobby or sport they love and supporting them. Teach them to love who they are and you. I don’t think there are enough parents out there who play with their kids. Always on the phone! Or iPad things. I know kids are online more now and see stuff but make it fun to be out side. If parents look like they love being out side or doing fun things with out tv or computers then your kid will to . I think parents have become lazy and also other people such as teachers too in not helping to raise our kids. Don’t take away their innocence at ten. Most kids who grew up to be addicts had parents who didn’t pay attention to them . Telling them theses things at age ten is silly. Just be involved in their life’s and teach them to be strong and healthy and be a good role model. And if the questions come up then handle it then don’t do the ‘we have to talk ‘ thing….

    12. I thought the same thing!

    13. Did I teach these to you by the time you were 10 Nicole Gianatiempo?

    14. Yes thank god for you ❤️ Dawn Gianatiempo

    15. Kristina Counsell Alisha Tucker

    16. Terri Todd Armstrong Sherri Stanton Davis

    17. #11: The importance of healthy food and fitness!!!!

    18. Would say this applies to boys as well as girls. And just bc someone can, and likes to cook, doesn’t mean they’re going to be forced into servitude their entire lives! For pity’s sake, everyone should know how to cook an egg, make some pasta, etc.

    19. Agreed… All kids should know and mine have for years…

    20. Can’t you guys just read and appreciate the article? This is kinda teaching girls to fend for themselves. I’m surprised at all of these crazy reactions.

    21. My daughter knows all of these things but shouldn’t it be 10 things all of our children should know ” daughters and sons ?

    22. Nicole Korbel I would say you have a good start on all of these. Lilly is such a well rounded, sweet girl. I am so proud of you.

    23. I treat my children like individuals. They all learn basics of working together in the home i.e. chores cooking ect. As they get older they might be responsible for a few specific things. In regards to drugs sex ect. They all have there moments when they ask i only divulge enough information they can handle. If you just listen to there exact questions and follow along they tell you what they need to know. There are times and certain situations with a kid it would all come out but never before 10.

    24. I was going to say something along these lines. I agree.

    25. These are things all Kids should know before 10

    26. Laura you will like this article too

    27. A relative, behind my moms back, gave me the sex talk at 11 and to my sister at 12. I was seriously mortified and terrified and so was my sister. Wish she had left it alone. For some girls the concept of sex is scary and sounds painful. When my mom found out she further educated me on puberty, safety etc but she always wishes we hadn’t found out Til around 13 so the concept wouldn’t have been so abstract. There is nothing stupid about keeping your children innocent.

      • We had basic sex end in 5th or 6th grade and discussed puberty in 4th. It was not scary (and shouldn’t be) and is all based on how the information is given. How our bodies work is important and as a result of my knowledge I waited a long time compared to most to have sex and as a result of proper anti-drug and alcohol programs also never did any of that. My innocence remained intact because of my knowledge.

    28. I never felt the joy of #1. Maybe my mother should of read this article.

    29. I’m sorry Erin Salica!! But if/when you have kiddo’s then you will understand, that #1, is a given!!

    30. I do have children and I agree that it is a given, but there are “mothers” that do not show it and should.

    31. Oh I know. I have a niece who gave birth to 4 kids and walked away from all of them. My mom now has custody of them. And now, she’s 4 months pregnant again!! (After 3 abortions) her youngest is 2. So I also know first hand what it’s like to see kiddos who crave their mothers attention and will never have it. Breaks my heart.

    32. Exactly! Mine walked away as well when I was 17 and left 4 young kids to fend for themselves. 11 kids total! These are women who should not be Mothers, but hey maybe the article will spark a thought in certain women who don’t show it enough.

    33. My niece has 2 younger brothers, and their mom walked away from them too. I would figure my niece would want a better life for her kids, but drugs and men are more important.
      Nice talking to you too.

    34. Poor kids! I vowed to be the complete opposite of my Mother and I have. My girls are the center of my world. I don’t understand how your niece could make her kids endure what she did!? Boggles my mind.

    35. Guess I’m a lucky one because my mom was and still is the best mother ever!! Guess she would have to be to raise her kids, her grandkids, and now her great grandkids.

    36. My daughter is 7 and we talk about sex all the time. Unless your child is home schooled and you’re living under a rock, chances are your kids have already heard about some of these things at school. I am a firm believer that if your child is asking then you the parent better be talking!!! My mother NEVER talked to me about anything not even about my period. I was misinformed and learn everything the hard way. Now that I’m a parent I will not make that mistake with my daughter

    37. We cannot allow this Muslim president to turn our world into a Muslim country. That’s been his goal from the beginning. His take over plan. WTF is wrong with Americans? It make me furious that you don’t do anything to try and stop this. You must want to lose your rights to Muslims? What is wrong with all of you? I’m disgusted right now and ashamed of the citizens of the U.S.

    38. I think this is more appropriately title, “10 things are kids should know before they are 10.” My daughter will be 14 this year, a knew all of this by at least 10. My son is turning 5 in a few weeks, and he is learning some as well…

    39. This applies to boys as well

    40. all children should know these things by 10, as well as many other things

    41. My kiddo is 5, on the spectrum and very literal. I have worked on all 10 of these with her just beyond her age level because she is an advanced thinker, slower on verbalizing and her ASD puts her at a higher risk of not learning these things and being victimized. These are all important topics and lessons!

    42. Michelle Lopez Ayala can you come over and tell Carrie these things? She seems to adore you and I’m still tired from Maia!!

    43. That sounds like a lot of effort.

    44. That’s why I’m still tired from M!! And then I have to do it again for Charli!! Please help!! 😉

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