• 10 Types Of Annoying Moms

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  • Everyone has their own parenting style and we should, parenting is a personal thing. But when one of these moms steps into a room and starts telling other moms what they do is so correct or how you do it is so wrong, the get ANNOYING. Who counts their baby's age in months past 2 years old anyways?

    Which of these 10 types of moms do you hate the most? Click the below link to check them out.

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    1,399 Responses to “10 Types Of Annoying Moms”

    1. I’m definitely the language police mom. Lol

    2. You say its a joke but then you call parents names, many parents are already getting down on themselves for not being “good” enough. I say stop judging and respect that we are all have the same goal to be the best parents we can be.

      • Very well said. I wanted to read the comments first. I’m saddened by this article. Most mom’s go to bed every night thinking they are messing up their child in some sort of way and for someone to write something like this is just wrong.

    3. Jasmine Goodlett…you’re 2 and I’m 5. Haha!

    4. I find the most annoying moms is the ones that think that EVERY mom has be a “stay-at-home” mom.

    5. Sounds to me like she’s the I’m jealous of other moms who look better and parent better than me mom. 😛

    6. U don’t have to be a language police just have to use new words often

    7. No you do. The English language is butchered everyday. It doesn’t matter how educated your child is – if they don’t know your vs. you’re and end every other sentence with “at” they will not be taken seriously by prospective employers, colleagues, etc. And that goes for the “should of” idiocy and supposably as well. This lackadaisical attitude is why we now have the Common Core nightmare.

    8. Son of a motherless… I am the no parent! I give up, baby girl is gonna be who she’s gonna be!

    9. Ahh she forgot one type of parent, the take it to serious parent. Muffy is 42 months old and will go to Harvard!!

    10. Hannah Chambers Trickett…57 and a half months lol!!!

    11. Ashley Prudnick Haller….I think we know quite a few people who would be on this list haha!

    12. I don’t mind a mom being the type of mom she’s comfortable being. So long as she doesn’t try to make me feel like a bad mom for doing things differently

    13. Haha! I think I know a mom for each of these!

    14. Sorry but I totally disagree with #1. My kids don’t need to hear the guests in my home blurt out whatever they please when my kids are within hearing range. Quite frankly, I don’t want to hear every vulgar thing that can come out of your mouth during a play date. There is a time and place for those kind of conversations…a play date isn’t one of those. It’s a respect issue plain and simple.

    15. Samantha Travis Wilson Kristi Martell Machen lol language police mom

    16. I’m totally the mom other moms hate. Bahhaahaa.. language police

    17. I only hate when ppl use months instead of years. I’m like duuuudeeee after 18 months. Really after 1 year.. Just say she’s 1 year old.

    18. I say he will be 2 in may.. if you want to do the math have at it.

    19. Dear wife on the go – you know what moms really suck ? Go read the paper or watch the local news there’s a daily story about moms abusing or even killing their children second to these are know it all bloggers who really think they are better than everyone else 😛

    20. What about the mom’s that think theybarebjust the best but they have no job and live with their parents who buy everything that’s needed.but then has the nerve to talk bad about mom’s thay actually work or have their own place and a revealing care of the child on their own. Those mom’s annoy me.

    21. I think the most annoying moms are my child does nothing wrong but yours is a demon mom. Or my child didnt put that mark on your child, he never hits. What did your child do to make my child hit them!

    22. Agree with dee. The my child is better than your child mom

    23. love all people. Reply March 23, 2015 at 3:18 am

      Seems a lot of “moms” are getting offended by this artical.I just think all moms should be realistic and down to earth and not be stuck up bitches who act better then other parents.we are all human and we have our bad days.so don’t look down on other moms unless they neglect or abuse their children.never look down on other mothers who do their best to take care of their children.but the moms who do act like their child is better then every other child and act like they are better mothers then the rest of the mothers out there are very annoying and are a main reason why schools have bullies.and snobby stuck up children.teach your child to respect all people and all children and help others instead of act better then them

    24. Men don’t come up with lists of dad’s who annoy them as a joke….why do we always feel like women and our behaviors are jokes?

    25. Loved the article! Of course the cry baby generation can’t take a moment to enjoy some satire and humor, but for those of us who don’t live to be offended, thank you for giving us a few minutes to laugh at our perfectly imperfect and highly annoying parenting styles. Team kale Smoothie 😉

    26. Relax, set the Kale smoothie down, and enjoy the satire.

    27. Ever notice how “supermoms” have to constantly justify why they are so super… Kudos to all the “normal” moms out there rockin yoga pants, chowing down on some nuggets, and yep that is wine in mommy’s sippy cup.