• 10 Types Of Annoying Moms

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  • Everyone has their own parenting style and we should, parenting is a personal thing. But when one of these moms steps into a room and starts telling other moms what they do is so correct or how you do it is so wrong, the get ANNOYING. Who counts their baby's age in months past 2 years old anyways?

    Which of these 10 types of moms do you hate the most? Click the below link to check them out.

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    1,399 Responses to “10 Types Of Annoying Moms”

    1. Thnku for this. Im sick and needed the laughter

    2. This is funny! Take a joke people. Lol.

    3. Seriously there must be people who sit around and wait to get offended.

    4. #1! I get onto everyone about their mouth around my daughter:) #proudmommy

    5. I’m the – I’m too tired to read this article mom. I seriously don’t have the energy.

    6. Who cares I am not in high school anymore and I don’t care what people think about my parenting and neither should you.

    7. Lost all my baby weight at delivery…Sorry not sorry 😛

    8. Oh look at that! The exact same article we’ve read 14 times in the past two months.

    9. I laughed and laughed.. then labeled myself as a CDC mom. Relax people, my goodness. Or do we need to add a #11, “I get super overly offended about stuff not pertaining to me.” Ha ha JUST kidding.

    10. If you’re a mom you know good and well you can’t joke about a woman’s mothering.. Come on now lol

    11. How about “hot mess” mom! That’s one I can identify with!!

    12. She must be ALOT of fun at parties!!!

    13. 9 is the most annoying for me, it’s funny because most of the time mom’s who say that they don’t use the work No its the first word for their kid. and then number 2 it fine if you want to do that in your home but don’t go to a play date or church and expect others to have the special snacks just for your kids.

    14. So i read this article guaranteeing i would be on there and to get a good laugh. I’m definitely not on there, I’m the “over baring, jump everytime my kid almost gets hurt, because a small tumble looks like death to me,” mom! hahahaha but yeah, I wasnt on there! but for those of you that were, get a good laugh and chill.

    15. #3 and #10. Luckily I’ve never encountered a #3.

    16. Yes this one is sooooo common too.

    17. How about mom’s who write articles or lists of annoying things about what other mom’s do. Get a life and stop worrying about what other mom’s do.

    18. Hahhahaha I’m #6 and #7 … I have my own issues to live up to my personal standard too.. Lolzz

    19. That’s the hot mess mom.. lol

    20. Lots of “My sense of humor is located deep within my a**l cavity” mom’s in here. I feel sorry for those that get offended at everything..seriously lighten up. I feel even worse for you kids. Sigh.

    21. I love how she turns the tables on herself at the end. Cute article =)

    22. nope! the “I make everything organic” mom is way more annoying

    23. its an opinion. relax. and for the record you are annoying Chey

    24. I was like, oh I don’t want to put down other moms. But then I read the list and it was pretty funny!

    25. Amanda, no.. saying your child is 54 or 32 or 20 weeks old is ridiculous!! Yet, I must agree with you on the rest, however a sense of humor will take us a long way in life!

    26. If you’re not mom #1 it’s only a matter of time before your kids sound stupid.

    27. I do not understand why making and buying organic is annoying?!?! I’m not 100% organic but pretty close, I don’t judge those who don’t or would never say my baby can’t eat that… But given the choice it’s organic hormone and antibiotic free for sure.

    28. All 10 of these is true for me!!

    29. Emily Emily Jenkins Throckmorton

    30. I think the article is funny! Especially the last number!

    31. Haha this is funny….and to be honest i am none of these moms….but none of these moms and their “quirks” bother me…..we all raise our kids differently…thats the way its supposed to be….so dont waste time being annoyed by other moms and how they do things, even if they are being negative towards you or know it alls about motherhood. Those women get their dose of reality eventually. Just keep on doing your thing. We all our different….but we have in common that we are raising our kids in this time and place so we should look to support one another instead of breaking each other down!!!

    32. Love this!! I have 5 children and work full time. Amen to all 10!

    33. So every type of mom there is? lol It’s a funny post but everyone is annoying at some point to someone. Like, it’s annoying that you say every other type of mom that is different from you is annoying. I think those types are annoying too, but I also love those types, and I’m pretty sure that other types think that the “scatter brained – always happy – always loud – eh, everyone’s still alive at the end of the day – moms (Me – I’ve every one of those lol) are annoying too. Oh snap. Everyone is annoying!! haha 😉 funny stuff!

    34. Well maybe not always happy, but damn, I’m bubbly. 😉

    35. You are the reason this article was written.

    36. So funny!! I am one of those, im sure i can get annoying haha

    37. Omg! I’m number 8! Am I that bad? Hate to think other moms out there hate me…

    38. Alysa Monique this is what i was talking about lastnight hahah the words i couldnt explain haha

    39. Lol this is true!! it’s not the end of the world if your child eats something off the floor or gets dirty haha

    40. Theu should add “the super crunchy granola moms”