• 3 Parenting Tips I’ve Learned From My Husband

  • As moms, we often think we know what’s best and many times we are completely right.  After all, nobody knows our kids better than we do. I came to motherhood with an extensive background in childcare and education.  I knew all the right things to do, all the latest research, and I’d been forming a bond with my son for 9 months. My husband didn’t have anywhere near that much experience, so naturally I didn’t consult him on many things. I tended to think that I already knew what was right and he should just trust me.  I knew a lot, but there are some very important lessons I learned from my husband in that first year….

    1. It’s crucial that you take care of yourself too.  You aren’t going to be any good to anyone if you don’t.  In the beginning, I was pretty jealous of the fact that my husband still got plenty of uninterrupted sleep.  I hated that he took a nap while I did the laundry. I was frustrated when he went to dinner with friends on Saturday nights while I sat at home.  He never suggested that I do the laundry, in fact, he asked me to leave it for him to do later and rest instead.  He advised that I try to get out with my friends too.  I didn’t take his advice for the entire first year.  The first time I did something for myself, it was glorious! I remember thinking “Wow. I need to do this. This is healthy.”

    2. You can’t freak out every time he cries.  As moms, we are programmed to know and respond to the sound of our child crying.  Every cry brought me running to my baby’s side.  The sound of his cries gave me major stress.  If he began to cry while we were in the car, I would have to pull over because I couldn’t focus on driving.  When he started to walk, he was dangerous! He fell several times and even gave himself a few black eyes.  Every time he did it I would get hysterical and try to convince my husband that we needed to go to the hospital.  Bless him, he calmly handed me ice and hugged us both every time.  He listened to my fears and then reminded me that we have a little boy. He’s going to play roughly sometimes, and he’s going to get hurt sometimes.  It took me a while to listen, but when I finally followed his advice and stopped freaking out, I was much better equipped to handle the situation.

    3. It’s okay to eat French fries and cake for dinner sometimes.  Another “parenting thing” I obsessed about was food.  I was convinced that in order for our child to be healthy I needed to make sure he got all the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  As we entered the “terrible twos,” I realized that was going to be a lot harder than I thought.  Some days all he wants to eat are hot dogs (Cue my fears about nitrates).  One night we really did eat French fries and cake for dinner.  After our toddler was in bed, I started telling my husband all about my serious mommy guilt out loud. After assuring me that I’m really a good mom, he finally convinced me that one night of French fries and cake isn’t the end of the world.  

    Have you learned some valuable lessons about parenting from your husband too? I’d love to hear them.   

    Written by: Sara Parise

    One Response to “3 Parenting Tips I’ve Learned From My Husband”

    1. My husband is the exact opposite of yours. Sometimes I wish he was much more laid back. But one of the things I have learned from him is to stop the problem before it starts – namely with our two children. If you hear no noise from the other room, check. If their noise is escalating, the laughter is getting louder and hysteria seems about to enter the scene, I better get there, too, because it’s about to blow!