• 4 Reasons Why I Don’t Take My Toddler To Restaurants

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  • There are times when I just don’t feel like cooking. I just want to go sit at a restaurant and wait for someone to bring me something delicious of my choosing.  It sounds so simple, but taking a toddler to a restaurant is never simple.  Taking my toddler to a restaurant is akin to inviting him to behave like a wild monkey in public.  His new favorite noise might be worse than the squeal; it’s a “ROAR!!!”  I like to tell friends, “He’s going through his wild animal phase.” At least, I hope it’s a phase.

    Here are 4 ways my toddler embarrasses me in restaurants:

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    7 Responses to “4 Reasons Why I Don’t Take My Toddler To Restaurants”

    1. The other day me, my 6 yr old daughter, and my 19 month old son went to dinner with a family friend (Daddy wasn’t with us to help because he had to work

    2. I know that there will probably be some backlash from this and that is why I normally do not respond to posts like this, but I just couldn’t help myself today…

    3. My trick to keeping a child well-behaved in a restaurant is making them behave at the table at home. I could not imagine letting my child throw green beans around the dining room! I have 3 children 8, 3, and 4 months and 2 step-children 9 and 8 and have never had an issue. If a child behaves at home then they will behave in public…and this is in all issues not just eating out…

    4. I have a restaurant bag. It has books, crayons, a travel aquadoodle etc. My toddler doesn’t act all crazy at restaurants but he does get bored so it’s only natural for him to fuss. Keeping him occupied is key! I would never not go out to eat because of him. People will get over it if they don’t like him there.

    5. Throw a dinner roll at them and tell them claim down

    6. Lol…we’ll do that next time

    7. I make my 2 year old sit next to daddy lol. And we always go out to eat together so daddy is the key. Haha