• 4 Reasons Why I Don’t Take My Toddler To Restaurants

  • Squealing & Screaming

    We’ve all seen those shy kids who hide behind their parents in public. Well, my son is definitely not one of those. He will talk to anyone. From the time he learned to babble, he has demanded attention.  His favorite way to make the patrons and wait staff look at him is by squealing.  The noise is like a loud and happy scream.  He usually follows it with one of his million dollar smiles and a cute giggle.  The first time, it’s cute and most people smile and nod at us.  By the time the appetizers arrive, he has squealed four times and the people around us are beginning to get irritated.

     Throwing Food

    At home, we have the dining room set up to accommodate easy clean up so it doesn’t really matter when he decides that hurling green beans is more fun than eating them.  A trip to a restaurant usually involves me crawling on the floor to pick up some of the goop and wiping the rest from the table in an effort to maintain favor with the wait staff.  

    Throwing the food around our table area isn’t the worst part of this habit though.  We learned just how bad it could get once when we were at our favorite local pizza place.  Our little angel flung pasta sauce on my shirt.  Then, while standing in the booth eating spaghetti, he decided to drop noodles onto the head of the man at the table next to us.  I was mortified. Thankfully, he was a grandfather and didn’t mind too much. 

     Refusing to Eat

    Refusing to eat the food wouldn’t be so bad if we were at home.  At home, we can allow him to get up from the table and come back later.  At home, we didn’t pay a ridiculous amount for a child sized portion that’s still way too much food for a two year old to begin with.  The problem isn’t really waste; we can easily box up the food for later.  The problem is keeping him at the table after he has decided he isn’t eating.  Usually we lose the battle and one of us ends up walking around outside the restaurant with him until the other finishes eating. If we don’t surrender and take him outside, we’re likely to be found crawling under the tables.

     Stealing Straws

    For our son, straws are great fun.  He loves playing with the paper wrapped around them. He loves blowing air through them. I could handle all of that. It’s his new favorite straw activity that drives me crazy.  He wants to twirl them around in our cups and slosh water all over the place.  Efforts to stop this fun little activity usually end with turning the glass over accidentally or causing a screaming tantrum at the table.  Neither of which are fun for anyone.

    What embarrassing things has your child subjected you to in public? Are you brave enough to take them to restaurants? What happens when you do?

    Written by: Sara Parise

    7 Responses to “4 Reasons Why I Don’t Take My Toddler To Restaurants”

    1. The other day me, my 6 yr old daughter, and my 19 month old son went to dinner with a family friend (Daddy wasn’t with us to help because he had to work

    2. I know that there will probably be some backlash from this and that is why I normally do not respond to posts like this, but I just couldn’t help myself today…

    3. My trick to keeping a child well-behaved in a restaurant is making them behave at the table at home. I could not imagine letting my child throw green beans around the dining room! I have 3 children 8, 3, and 4 months and 2 step-children 9 and 8 and have never had an issue. If a child behaves at home then they will behave in public…and this is in all issues not just eating out…

    4. I have a restaurant bag. It has books, crayons, a travel aquadoodle etc. My toddler doesn’t act all crazy at restaurants but he does get bored so it’s only natural for him to fuss. Keeping him occupied is key! I would never not go out to eat because of him. People will get over it if they don’t like him there.

    5. Throw a dinner roll at them and tell them claim down

    6. Lol…we’ll do that next time

    7. I make my 2 year old sit next to daddy lol. And we always go out to eat together so daddy is the key. Haha