• 5 Things I Blame On My Kid


    You know what one of the best things about being a mom is? You have a built in excuse for nearly everything! Sometimes it’s 100% true that I was late to church because my toddler spilled milk all over my pencil skirt. Sometimes I really did forget to look in the mirror because I was so busy chasing my kid around the house trying to put clothes on him.  Then again, sometimes I just say that to cover up the fact that I didn’t really care if my hair was a complete mess when I walked out the door. 

    I know it’s so wrong, but I blame a lot of things on my kid. Hey, it works. When you’re a mom in the trenches, you do whatever it takes. For your enjoyment, here are 5 things I blame on my kid that (sometimes usually) aren’t his fault: (Click on Next Page below)

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    One Response to “5 Things I Blame On My Kid”

    1. Guilty of all of them! Sad to admit.