• 7 Annoying Things People Say When You’re A Mom Of Three

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    As if it's not challenging enough, people love commenting, asking questions and pointing things out to those amazing Moms of three. No matter where you go, the grocery store, baseball practice, even enjoying family-time at a restaurant, they can't help but say some of these annoying things.

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    355 Responses to “7 Annoying Things People Say When You’re A Mom Of Three”

    1. Exactly, Katherine Moeller! I hear the same 3 questions about my piercings on the regular. “How many do you have, and where? Did it hurt? (WTF do you think?) “Did you get them all at once?” (and to be honest it’s usually by suburban white women, with nothing going in their lives BUT their 3 kids) No one is original. Get over it. Stupid article.

    2. This can go the other way too. I have one daughter, and was not able to have more babies. People are always asking me when I am going to have another, which I hate because it still makes me sad that I couldn’t.

    3. Makamae, Jessica, Naomi, Carol

    4. oh jeez, someone took a passing interest in you and your family – the horror! the rudeness! the nerve! come on, these things are often said in light jest, not maliciously. get over yourself, people aren’t looking to insult you, just trying to be conversational most of the time. gah.

    5. I get a lot of “ohhhh my….God bless you…. (very sarcastically like they feel bad for me) so I just say “yes I have been very very blessed. Twice!” (I have Irish twin boy toddlers)

    6. Omg. I want a whole litter. I will take as many as I get blessed with. 🙂

    7. Cristi Hotak my youngest two are ten months apart, and not ONE SINGLE DAY goes by without one person using the exact phrase “boy, you’ve got your hands full! ” or yes, the fake sympathetic tongue click and “God love ya!” Or “oh MY! ”
      Every. Day. No exaggeration…every single time I am out I hear one of those things Every. Time.

    8. Tanara Grisham Rachel Rice Kristen Brandel Erin Ellis-Reid and the many more…its soooo good to hear I’m not the only one who hears the dreaded HANDS FULL comment daily!! I feel like I reached an epiphany hearing everyone say they hear that same phrase!!

    9. I have 4 boys Some comments I get are “Are you done?,” “No girls?!?,” “You have your hands full,” “There’s a special place in heaven for you….” I could go on and on. But I think I get equally as many “nice” comments, like “They’re so well- behaved,” etc. To the “You’ve got your hands full,” you could say “Better full than empty.” I also respond to the “Oh God bless you,” with “He sure has!” People seem to think they need to make comments about everything. I’ve become immune to it! Just respond with something snarky to put them in their place!

    10. Love that response!! I am not that quick witted! I’ll have to use this one 🙂 I have four kids 🙂

    11. Shrink your tummy away. Contact me today! 317.640.7857

    12. I have 5 girls. I should use that one. Extra blessed!!

    13. i have 7 kids four boys 18 15 11 4 and three girls 14 11 9 plus our newphew who is 21 staying with us its houseful but its normal to me people say stupid things but they dont pay our bills buy our groceries or any thing else my favorite is are all those kids yours and my favorite comeback is nope found them as i was driving down the road thought i would take them home with me people tend to give me a strange look and walk away after that lol

    14. No really sometimes people are just being condescending… You can usually tell by their tone.

    15. When people are being genuine it’s a whole different ball game. It’s actually really nice to have someone offer to help open a door or help empty your cart at the grocery store, but telling you you’re nuts or that you really have your hands full with that snark in their voice, can get old.

    16. THAT I can totally understand – because I’m sure there are people who don’t have good intentions when they comment.

      I come from a family of 6 children and I remember most people commenting on how well behaved we were – although I’m sure my mom got her fair share of negative comments, too. I’m sure one’s perception depends on the type of experience they’ve had.

    17. I have 6 kids. I had an old lady tell me I needed to learn how to say “no”. I was in shock that a stranger would say that.

    18. So here’s the sequel:

      15 Annoying Things Moms of Three Say:

      1. Facebook posts about “how happy I am as a mother of 3”
      . . . so what was it about the first two that wasn’t satisfying?
      2. We didn’t mean to get pregnant. It was an accident.
      Okay so you have made two babies and you passed middle school health education but you didn’t realize that pregnancy was a possibility when you had sex for 6 months without contraception???
      3. You sarcastically respond to people that say “Good thing you got your boy” yet so many ARE trying for a coveted gender or a “Je ne sais quoi” . . .
      You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. The government considers them dependents and able to stay on your health insurance until they are 26 so you have a quarter of a century (at least) to live with the outcome. I must admit I LMAO when the little princess turns out to be a tomboy or the boy does not like sports.
      4. Moms of 3 like to portray their lives as blissful happiness in the love of their large family but I ain’t buying it.
      You can’t sell that s**t to me when I see you at Target unkempt and un-showered at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
      Why is it that you are shopping during rush hour with 3 children during the ever-consistent late afternoon/early evening meltdown period? Clearly you weren’t busy earlier in the day with hair and make up.
      5. It seems to me that more often than not the people that have 3+children are the ones that didn’t even have their s**t together when they had one.
      Why do you think it will get easier with more children??

      6. You paint a picture that your children treasure their siblings and nothing in the world can replace that love. What do I see? I see your children constantly bickering. I see the Facebook video of your 5 year-old crying when he hears he is getting another sibling. “Why would I want another sister when I don’t even like the one I already have??” “I’m sorry I can’t go to Six Flags with you but that is okay because I am fortunate enough to have 2 siblings that I get to help raise” said no child ever.
      7. We offer to help and that offends you. Well that’s okay because what we are really saying your family is taking up a football field-sized area and I need to get past you because I have things to do as well. Please move your train of children, your cart, your stroller, the 5 diaper bags, and the kitchen sink you brought to Sam’s because you are blocking two aisles and creating a fire hazard.
      8. You bring one child to the doctor and then ask me to not only squeeze the other two into the schedule but to also do it free of charge because “well you know they will inevitably get sick too.” The average child gets 6-8 colds/year. The average cold lasts 7 days. You have 3 children. Do the math and get over it. You have a lot of sick children days in your future. I was not present at conception promising to provide free medical care to every last one in your litter nor is it a good idea to pre-mediate every time one person in your family gets sick.
      9. You say you are populating the world because you love children yet you enroll them in “school” when they are 6 weeks old and you are a stay at home Mom.
      I understand you need some me time but a 2 year old doesn’t need to go to summer school 5 days a week.
      10. When I see a child running around in traffic or licking a trashcan, I look around for their parents. I usually spot them half a mile away, I count kids, and guess what? Yup, the trashcan licker is number 3!
      11. We have snarky comments because your large rambunctious family is in fact our problem. We stand behind you in the check out lane. We sit next to you on planes and at the soccer field and it invariably plays out one of two ways. Either you are constantly yelling at one child or another the entire time or you are completely oblivious and your 3 hellions are all over the place. There is no middle ground.
      12. Children are needy—emotionally, physically, and financially. When they are little you may be able to save money by leaving the diaper on an extra 2 hours so you use fewer diapers in a day and you might be able to recycle clothing in gender neutral colors so all the kids can wear them until they are thread bare, but by age 7 they are cognizant of name brands and style and they definitely have personal preferences. Don’t put more on your plate than you can handle. It isn’t fair to them.
      13. Moms of 3 play it as their golden ticket to get out of anything and everything. They can’t host holidays, they can’t help out at school, they can’t show up anywhere on time because “I’m sorry but I do have 3 children under the age of 5 so . . . “
      14. You show up to my child’s birthday party with all 3 of your children. You expect everybody to eat and get a party favor and yet you bring only one $8 gift.
      15. You act like having 3 children is this great accomplishment, like it is equivalent to Gold Castaway Disney Cruise status. You lay there and spread your legs on at least 3 occasions. Yeah you!

    19. I get a lot of this as a mom of 4. Most of it is true 😉

    20. I’ve been lucky where we live several families have 3 or more children and 3 isn’t a big deal when your grandparents had 17, so if someone would say something that offends me, I would have a good come back at them.

    21. This is silliness. Though info get annoyed with the “are you done?” question and the “aren’t you going to try for that boy?” question (I have 3 girls within 3.5 years, the things listed here are hardly insulting. Most of the commenters are right, people typically just want to make conversation. And to get mad when someone says “can I give you a hand?” Are you serious? Someone goes out of their way to see that you are struggling to hold 3 small children and a bag of groceries and a diaper bag and push a cart (because even through you are super mom, you ARE struggling), and your response is “how dare they??” This world is headed straight for the crapper, for sure.

    22. And pardon the typos, because I am currently struggling to do all the aforementioned items and play on my phone at the same time. 🙂

    23. I only have one child, but I get just as offensive comments with one. I find it really annoying when people hound me with questions of when I’m going to have more. Likeeee my son is only two and I’ll have more when God is willing. And then to top it off, people act like I won’t know what busy is until I have another one. The fact that you have a child/children automatically opens the door for everyone’s uninvited opinions. It’s rude and annoying, but it is the nature of the game.

    24. Try being a mom of four with two of them a different race than I am (stepkids)! I get looks, questions… Comments… Annoyed. Or when I just take the baby by himself to the store and everyone tries to give me words of wisdom about his upcoming milestones and I’m like, yup, this isn’t my first pony ride.

    25. The worst is when I have all my kids and a huge stroller and some snotty old bag lets the door slam in my face

    26. Mom of five… In less than 7 years. I was always asked if I was their nanny. :/

    27. I’m a mom of 5 too & I get those same comments!!!

    28. None of these bother me. It’s when they say “are you crazy?” or “you know what causes that right?”. As if me having 4 children is a bad thing, I feel blessed to have them and wouldn’t trade my children for anything in the world.

    29. Stefani Bates. Elizabeth Fels. 🙂

    30. Yep, and I will soon have four. All eyes will be on me.

    31. I find this rude! Yes some of these shouldn’t be asked or said, but some of them are people trying to a nice or just trying talk. #2 if you’re having trouble and someone is being polite offering to help, why are you being so hateful about it? If you don’t want help, simply say “no, thank you” geez, when did being a polite person and caring about others become a bad thing?! #5 if someone asks “how is it?” Maybe it’s because they are genuinely interested in what daily life is like as a mother of three, maybe get are considering having three children as well. Perhaps instead of getting annoyed you should realize that this person has taken an interest and wants to know how your life is going. #7 yes, it’s impolite to say someone looks tired, but perhaps this person sees how hard you work and is trying to sympathize! Instead of taking it as an insult, realize that the person just wants you to know that they think your doing a good job, working hard for your children.

    32. Bla bla bla who cares everyone wants there 5 mins to complain about nothing and this is nothing to complain about get over yourselves

    33. Come on, I have 3 kids, 11, 7 and 3 and none of these things are annoying to me. What’s annoying are these silly articles. Tired of posts that say, “things to not say to a mom of 3!” Or whatever subject you might be taking about. Really, are you that sensitive? I take them all as compliments. Maybe you should try doing that instead of spouting off a sarcastic remark or come-back, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. I come across a truly nasty person so little that I just shrug it off, thinking to myself, they are the unhappy ones, not me and continue on with my happy day.

    34. LOL, yes, so true, experienced them all as a mom of 6.

    35. Mine are 9, 11, and 14 now, but I still remember those days and comments. My first was a girl and second was a boy, so when I had my third my favorite comment was “…..but you already had your girl and your boy”

    36. I actually had a lady ask me ‘ do they all have the same father?’ wow the nerve of some people!!

    37. We have 7 kids. We don’t hear much from anyone, just get looks of amazement lol

    38. Try having 5 children (all boys) within 5 years…..this post is just ridiculous.

    39. Rosie Vega they will say what they want but never let it affect you.

    40. Anais im ready to curse everyone out lol

    41. We have 6 and I get asked that too. We’re different ethnicities so our kids are an assortment of colors. People are surprised the same people would make make that many…and still be together raising them. 🙂

    42. My two youngest have blonde hair and my oldest has dark brown so I guess she thought it would old to ask that…

    43. You already have a boy and a girl what do you need another one for?

    44. How is asking “can I give you a hand with that?” offensive? Sometimes a person is just trying to be polite…no need to get bent out of shape about it. That makes about as much sense as getting offended by someone offering to hold the door open. The others I can see but being annoyed by an offer of help is just being cranky.

    45. How dare you ask a mother if she needs a hand. So rude of you to offer help 😉

    46. Sorry Jennyfer Williams lol