• 9 Helpful Sleeping Tips When Traveling With Kids

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  • The kids are finally out of school and its time to celebrate summer and take a vacation. I'm sure the kids will be excited and quite occupied throughout the day at their new destination. But when it comes to winding down and getting lots of rest for all the fun the next day- sleeping in an unfamiliar place might not come so easy. I found a list of great tips from NateandRachael's blog  that will help your kids get good nighttime sleep so they're ready for all the fun and action in the morning!


    1) I’ve learned that I need to relax my (sleep) expectations when we travel. (Nate has always been easy-going about such things.) Traveling and jet lag are two of the many obstacles that kids will face as they learn how to become good sleepers. I don’t want this to be the issue that keeps us from traveling. And the experts say that the good habits will return, in time, once we’re home.

    2) Similarly, I’ve learned to accept the fact that kids don’t sleep as much during trips. My girls sleep about an hour or two less EACH DAY away from home.

    3) One part of “relaxed expectations” for us means a few sleep-related exceptions that wouldn’t fly at home. For instance, if our little girl could have her way, we’d hold her hand and stay by her side through every nap and night. Or, even better, she’d sleep in our bed on my face. We obviously don’t/can’t do that at home. But on the road? Sure, I’ll stretch my arm from the front seat to the back seat to hold her hand and help her relax. We’ll also let her have her pacifer more, and sing, talk, or shush as much as she needs.

    4) One thing we don’t change is the pre-sleep routine. Whether we’re in the air, car, or hotel, we go through the entire routine. For us, this means a few books, snack and drink, prayer, and song. At our daughter’s age (20 months), she responds well to verbal explanations and a bit of time to transition from being awake to going to sleep. When we take our time, she adjusts well and fights sleep less.

    5) We all sleep better when we’re in separate rooms, but I’m too cheap to pay for a suite! We’ve tried having our babies in our rooms and even in our bed, but they will inevitably wake up, see Mommy and Daddy, and assume it’s time to party and play. On one (awesome) trip, we had a condo with lots of space. We put the baby bed in the dark entryway where we wouldn’t disturb her either during the night or during her day-time naps.

    6) If you’re in a regular hotel room, a closet, bathroom, or hallway could have just enough space to hold a baby crib and give you a degree of separation. This is also helpful if your kids need a darker room and you’d prefer to stay up to read or watch tv.
    For more helpful sleeping tips check out the full article at NateandRachael.com

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