• Can We Stop Fighting The Mommy Wars Please???

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    The Mommy Wars are a hot topic lately. What are the mommy wars? They are about moms fighting with other moms over their parenting choices.  I think the internet age is largely responsible for perpetuating the war. After all, it’s much easier to be nasty while we’re hiding behind our keyboards.  I sometimes wonder what our children will think when they grow up and hear about “the Mommy wars” and the way we behaved towards each other while simultaneously telling them to play nicely at the park.

    Occasionally, I find myself fighting in one of the battles that make up this age of insanity and I have to quickly step back and remember the reasons I think we shouldn’t be doing this. In case you aren’t sure what’s wrong with it… or if, maybe, you’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole and need a reminder, here are some great reasons we shouldn’t be fighting:

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