• Do Not Use Pull-Ups To Potty Train

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  • There are many ways to potty train your child. But I have found the LONGEST and HARDEST way to potty train is to use Pull-Ups.

    Just do not do it. If you think about it, it is quite confusing to the child. If they are supposed to learn to use the potty instead of their diapers, why would you give them underwear they're allowed to poop in? It makes no sense.

    I saw this great article over on Alpha Mom where they talked about the best way to potty train your child instead of confusing them with pull-ups:

    Go cold turkey. No more diapers. Do not buy Pull-Ups. 
    This is very important. There is no place for these things in Boot Camp Potty Training. They are a waste of time and they ruin the process. Pull-Ups are still diapers, just ones that leak after a while. Yes, I know this is harsh, but it works wonders. Then there is no confusion. But please for the love of all things sane, warn him/her for a few days beforehand. Talk about being big and using the potty like mommy and daddy.

    Instead, buy a little kid seat that fits over a regular toilet seat cover. It prevents you from cleaning out an itty bitty potty and in my non-professional opinion, it works better and faster. Kids like the idea of doing what we do. Why in the world should we buy a different version of what we already own? The little seat will teach your child to use a real toilet without falling in and not think of it as a toy. This is important since toilets are not toys.

    Put your child in underwear right away.

    The first morning, put him/her in underwear. Let him/her help you put a stool in front of the toilet and the little seat thing on it. Be specific and explain to them that they are now bigger and that they need to use the potty and not pee or poop in their underwear. Tell them to let you know when they need to pee and if they do, they will earn a jellybean. Show them the bag of jellybeans, as they need to see the prize to really understand that you mean it. Just remember you have to be willing to give them a jellybean every single time, including first thing in the morning. The first day, ask them every 20 minutes if they need to go potty. Make them try at least once an hour. If they pee even the teeniest bit in the potty, give them two jellybeans. Two is important, because they are probably two years old at this point and understand that the number two is important. When/if they have an accident, stop everything to change them, no matter what. Don’t make a big deal of the mess, but tell them, oh when you don’t pee/poop in the potty, we have to stop everything we are doing. Trust me, your child won’t want that. Continue this for two days. If you have a willful child, you will have a hard time getting them in a diaper for sleeping. Either put the underwear over it or really go cold turkey and put a plastic sheet under their bed sheets.

    Over the following two days, you will see improvement. Your child will want those jellybeans, I promise. You will be doing a lot of cleaning up that first day. Sorry, but it has to be done. Kids will quickly learn that they hate being wet and having to be changed so often. After you change your child, make them sit on the potty again, even though you know they won’t do anything. It makes a point.

    Yes, it's going to be a busy week of accidents and messes, but it's the way they learn. Cancel your plans for a week while you're potty training. Make this a special time. Tell them ahead of time that you will be potty training that week, so that they are prepared. Make this an official time.

    Know that they are going to make mistakes. Point it out to them (politely), clean it up, and move on. Happy Potty Training!

    Check out the original article over at: Issas Crazy World

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    661 Responses to “Do Not Use Pull-Ups To Potty Train”

    1. Interesting enough. Exactly how I potty trained, and it worked amazing on both girls. I also believe little potty seats that attach to your toilet are much cleaner than a nasty potty chair. But now on to ask.. How do you break potty accidents

    2. How do you get your child, 2 year old girl, to understand that you go pee in the potty and it’s not just a way to play or get jelly beans??

      • My daughter decided she wanted to use the potty at like 15 months just because she wantes to be like mommy… I just cheered her on she is 19 months and still uses the potty just for the cheers and to be like mommy just gotta figure out what works for you as the reward

    3. The only time we use pull ups is at night when they are going to bed. He is usually dry in the morning since he potties right before bed, but just in case. As soon as he wakes up, we put underwear on. I agree, it is definitely confusing when you give them something that they feel is the same as a diaper!

    4. Im in the process of potty training my 2 year old twin boys, we are doing underwear all day and believe me we wash tons of undiesbdaily due to all the accidents however the process seems to be catching on with one of them thw other not so much. Do you think I should continue trying to train both at one time or focus on one and when hes trained focus on the other to help him catch on and understand more?

      • Keisha, I used the above method when training my twins. My daughter caught on a bit quicker then her twin brother. However, once she got the hang of it, her twin soon realized that she had mastered it and his twinge of jealousy seemed to motivate him and he applied himself even more. The whole process took about 1 1/2 weeks and 2 bags of MnM’s (hers)and 4 bags of butterscotch chews (his). Hang in there…twins do get easier…at least until they’re teenagers. Good luck!

    5. A child is never fully potty trained until they have no accidents. In my experience it took 10 months for my daughter to be fully potty trained. I also did not do any rewards.

    6. I have potty trained 3 children all did it differently my first two no pull ups.But with my youngest she is still in a pull up at night and there is nothing wrong with me not wanting to clean peeled on sheets if there is a accident so to each there own

    7. My 4 year old son is having a hard time going poop in the potty. He caught on to using the potty to pee before he was 2 and did very well. We have tried talking to his doctor about it but she hasn’t been very much help on being concerned about the issue. He acts as if he is scared to sit on the potty. We’ve tried every reward imaginable to try and get him to go, but he will hold it until you put a pull up on him. I’ve had to give in at times due to the fact I don’t want him having stomach issues because of holding it. What can I do to try and fix this problem?? Any input is appreciated.

    8. Katie Brockberg- I didn’t read but here’s some information

    9. My daughter is still not potty trained 100% but I’m not rushing her at all. She’ll do it when she’s tired of pooping on herself

    10. Pamela Williamson would u try this?

    11. That’s what I’m doing as we speak. I bought the seat last week & just put the potty watch on her. And yes the pull ups are confusing becuz when I potty trained you, i use the thick training panties & kept putting you on the pot

    12. I disagree about the no pull ups also. I used them for my little boy. At first til he caught on that he was suppose to go to the potty, I used them all the time, then when he caught on I started putting underwear on him as soon as he got up of the morning and only used the pull ups for bedtime. It took a few weeks but he started telling me that he didn’t need the pull ups anymore because he was a big boy. He has only had two accidents in the last two months and that was at the beginning. I don’t see anything wrong with using pull ups.

    13. Patricia Wagner this is so perfect!

    14. I’m using pull ups for my daughter and they are working great.

    15. I stay at home (of 4) and we wear a dress when in public naked at home. We have a potty in car and always visit a potty. I found that the easiest way because they don’t like to be wet and cold.

    16. Tamara Quinn this is how we did it

    17. I used pull ups and my kid was potty trained by two and a half. I also employed the sticker method. I cut a big piece of wrapping paper and put it on the wall. When she’d get a sticker we’d count all the stickers that she’d already got. Worked like a charm.

    18. Cindy Smith tag jimmys dumb$#%&!@* in this

    19. Manda Dawn try reading this lol

    20. I used pull ups only when we were out, other than that I used potty pants or panties. Only took a month to potty train my little girl and she was only 2.

    21. My son doesn’t like candy but he knows how to use bathroom just gets lazy!

    22. This topic makes me laugh…get over the whole potty training crap they go when they are ready. I’ve NEVER seen a 8 yr old walking around in soiled pants…quit pushing your kids and let nature take it’s course…do this, don’t do that blah blah blah no parent has ever packed their kid off to college with pull ups and potty chairs…

    23. Night time potty training tips??????!!!!!!! Any mommies out their.. I’m having a hard hard time with it…

    24. @[1465099306:2048:Taylor Nichole Keane]

    25. I never have candy or treats my son just wanted high fives and alot of appreciation when he would use the potty now he’s potty trained

    26. I bought alot of underwear and a potty seat put him on the potty every 20 minutes til he got the hang of it only used pull ups at night now he don’t wear them at all he’s potty trained

    27. My son was the same and I would ask why did u poop in your underwear that’s nasty for a few weeks he would pee in them and eventually poop I’d put him on the potty mad as heck but he’s potty trained now just gotta stick with it and if they are ready they will learn

    28. @[100001662358964:2048:Michelle Calhoun]

    29. Both of my oldest were potty trained at about age 2 and we used pull-ups. My husband and I got married when my oldest was 2 and he didn’t like that my son still wore pull-ups and so we tried the whole underwear thing everywhere we went. Well, guess what get to walmart and he peed all in the buggy which ran down all over the groceries! Needless to say we went back to pull-ups till he was completely trained. I don’t think it confuses them, I think it’s there for accidents while in the process of potty training. Sometimes they get too busy playing and just forget to go etc…I think every child is different and will be fully potty trained on their own time. What’s the rush? As long as they’re potty trained before starting school. We all eventually learn to use the toilet. You don’t see any older children, teens, or adults still walking around in diapers do you?? It will happen. Don’t stress!

    30. Some encouragement from the pro’s @[100003350684078:2048:April Coleby] @[100000468950086:2048:Denzo Fuamatu] @[100007952598527:2048:Courtney Marie]

    31. Are there any mom’s who have a child with hydronephrosis with one or both kidneys that it has taken alot longer to potty train?? My son is 3 and I’m not pushing potty training as he has hydronephrosis in his left kidney with a grade 2-3 reflux. Wondering if any other parents have a little one with the same challenge? How long did it take you or were you successful with potty training?

    32. Completely agree. My daughter was almost 3 before it finally clicked that she didn’t want to wet her favorite character and then have to remove and wash them. It took until she was really ready though. Our first attempt at 2yrs 3 months she could not have cared less if she wet the character.

    33. I had to use pullups due to my sons daycare/preschool. No diapers and we were working on potty training and he wasnt quite getting it so the school said either pull ups or underwear.

    34. @[667925393:2048:Jennifer Arnold]

    35. for you, I’ve used them and not used them. It depends on the kid.

    36. What age is good to start this process?

    37. Just started potty training a few days ago with my 2 1/2 year old. We have been using small chocolates as rewards (1 for potty, 2 for poo) and she has only had a few accidents and got put into underwear today. She was naked the first two days and loved the underwear. 🙂 We skipped the pull ups and will use diapers during sleep periods (if she keeps them on, she is eager to potty train). The thing that got her interested in potty training again (she became un-interested after her sister was born 3 months ago) was Huggies Pull Up commercials. After she heard “I’m a big kid now,” she took off her diaper, threw it in the garbage, and brought her potty out into the living room. 🙂

    38. We tried pull ups with my first and stopped instantly because there was no difference between those and diapers! We went to undies and it literally took a week MAYBE before he was 100% potty trained! Same with kid #2!

    39. @[207303812:2048:Nicole Wright] @[503831209:2048:Paige Stevens]

    40. It think I’m at an 80/20 with Parker… Its almost complete…doing a lot better now that we stopped using pull ups

    41. My 3 year old decided to start going on her potty chair all by herself the other day.. Both #1 and #2. So proud of her! She doesn’t need a reminder.. She just goes all on her own! So the easiest way to potty train them is to let them do it all on their own.. When they want to!