• Mother Arrested For Letting Her 13 Year Old Babysit

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  • When is it the right age to allow your eldest child to babysit your younger child? I would say this depends completely on the individual child and their responsibility level.

    But let's say you thought your 13 year old was ready, just like this Connecticut mother did, and they mess up letting your 4 year old out of their sight and into a neighbor's yard. Can you image being arrested for that?

    In a case that's disturbing parenting bloggers, a Connecticut mom was arrested and charged with “risk of injury to a minor” after leaving her children alone at home.  The 39-year-old woman, Rebecca Young, left her 13-year-old in charge of her younger children, ages 10, 4, and 1 and a half, while she went to church. A neighbor called police to report that the 4-year-old had wandered across the street into her yard. Some people are criticizing the mom, while others are pointing fingers at the neighbor, “accusing her of acting anything but in a neighborly way.” Plenty of kids start babysitting in their early teens, but is 13 too young?

    Source: The Week.com

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    712 Responses to “Mother Arrested For Letting Her 13 Year Old Babysit”

    1. I found my neighbors three year old wondering outside at seven in the morning heading toward the street I grabbed his hand and walked him to his house rang the doorbell and no one answered asked him is this your house he said yes I put him inside and closed the door I could’ve easily called the cops but as a mother of three boys I know this can happen to anybody.

      • Very true. A community should all look out for each other. But may I ask… yiu weren’t really sure if that was his house, yet u put him inside and walked away?

    2. As a resident of Connecticut I can tell you they don’t even have a state law that says at which age children can be left unattended. And they offer babysitting courses for free at the hospital in my town for children ages 11 and up. Her being arrested is ridiculous. As if she could in some way predict the outcome of leaving them that day and chose to leave anyway.

    3. I babysat overnights at 13. I walked 1/2 mile to the market to spend my allowance at 4 years old. I know the world has changed BUT, I teach preschool and a 4 year old is not a baby! The Neighbor could have simply said go home! In California the law is,
      12 year old’s can babysit!

    4. I used to babysit when i was about 11 or 12.. I think as long as the teen babysitting is mature, and you know them well enough, then i see no problem.