• Mother Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Photos Of Her Newborn Baby

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    Can you believe that Facebook banned this mother for posting a photo of her newborn baby son? What right do they have in censoring this kind of content? It doesn't break any of their rules for posting. This mother should have to ability to share her story as well as the picture of her son.

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    (Facebook did later officially apologize for banning her photo of her child, YAY!)

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    205 Responses to “Mother Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Photos Of Her Newborn Baby”

    1. Facebook administratives are way out of line on this. If she Obeyed the rules (which She did) there is no need to to be rude and overstep boundaries. If this photo is so shocking what about 8-15 yr olds that are posting provocative photos of themselves? The rules state you have to be of a certain age to be on this site, yet they aren’t enforcing that rule but harrassing a doting mom that follows the rules. Way to go ignoramus’.

    2. Maybe Taila should get off social media and watch porn since she prefers nudity. How dare anyone try and tell a mother that her child is not as deserving as a “normal” or alive baby to be proud of and share pictures!

    3. Jamie Lovell that is so incredibly disturbing!

    4. Yet its ok for other ppl to just take your pictures of your kids off your profile and put on there’s

    5. Why is this any different than the story that went viral about baby Shane? None of there photos got banned and it’s still viral and they are no different than this family! How dare FB do such a thing this makes me
      So angry FB is getting to big for there britches for sure!