• Mother Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Photos Of Her Newborn Baby

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    Can you believe that Facebook banned this mother for posting a photo of her newborn baby son? What right do they have in censoring this kind of content? It doesn't break any of their rules for posting. This mother should have to ability to share her story as well as the picture of her son.

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    (Facebook did later officially apologize for banning her photo of her child, YAY!)

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    205 Responses to “Mother Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Photos Of Her Newborn Baby”

    1. when will our society learn that when you BAN something good, it is usually picked up by people with a HEART and shared with the world?! Does facebook/society/news media really still think we are that naive? that we WON’T stand up with a voice for the underdogs/without a voice of this world?! silly silly world- we can NOT be silenced. THANKYOU facebook for banning something i never would have seen if it had NOT been banned- glad all these people are sharing this now! and PEACE and prayers to this precious family.


    3. It’s funny. I see posts of car accidents, rape, police brutality, and they choose this to ban. I think it’s time to put facebook in a file cabinet along with MySpace. This is studpid.

    4. The picture that she was banned for was a picture of his exposed brain. I really think it’s effed up that she was banned but I also can kind of understand why some of her friends and or family didn’t want that on the internet. There are sickos who would look at his pictures for sick fascination. =( It’s such a hard issue.

    5. This was the picture. It’s very hard to look at. =(

    6. He is beautiful no matter what is exposed, and if a stranger like myself can see that, true family and friend’s should’ve seen that also. To a mother he will always be her beautiful baby boy, and that’s how it should be.

    7. Our 3rd daughter had anencephaly…. Many thoughts and prayers go out to the family, time makes it easier to talk about but the hole left in the hearts of the family can never be filled………….

    8. this is crazy !! you can put all kinds of porn and women w/ their b***s hanging out but this is not ok.somebody running this page is a crack head that apparently likes the porn.i hve reported porn b4 and get a messg bk saying the pic is ok and does not violate any of the rules i mean seriously !!!! get a grip morons !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. God Bless this family for their loss of this beautiful child. Facebook has some serious re-thinking to do on what is allowed and not allowed on here. If someone close to this family reported it, then shame on them. But, in their reporting it, they actually brought to the forefront a story of love and loss. I see nothing wrong with this family wanting to share their story.

    10. This is an old article, and since then another family posted pics if their son with the same condition, which was a community support page call Prayers for Shane…

    11. I believe it was one of her friends who reported it and i believe they just Automatically suspend then for 24 hours ..i dont believe they look at the pictures at all …so if you ask me she should do so cleaning out of so called friends

    12. You can hide a picture from your feed without reporting it.

    13. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. May God bless your family.

    14. My cousin lost her baby at 24 weeks. She took pics as she was still a proud mama of her baby. Its part of the bonding and grieving process. Sad as it was, everyone supported her and loved that baby either way.
      Im sorry this mother a different experience.

    15. Its horrible how birth defects are ridiculed and nudity and profanity isnt. This world is so backwards…

    16. God bless you momma, baby and family!

    17. But its ok for women to post half naked pics right and thats a damn shame

    18. they have every right to do whatever they want with the profiles… its their site not the users… if you dont like it youre free to go anytime

    19. What a precious little boy…. my heart breaks for this momma and her family… sending prayers their way… Another angel born on earth he was so very special God wanted him with Him!

      Shame on you Facebook…for taking away a mothers right to share her beautiful miracle with her friends and family!

    20. It says at the end of the article that they eventually apologized and let her keep her photo up. Also, they deleted it from her personal Facebook page, this is just an article about it that is being shared on Facebook.

    21. So… Facebook allows Pro-lifers to post dead babies in toilets but won’t allow a mother to post her baby with a birth defect? Seriously….

    22. I reported a pro-life photo of a dead and bloody baby in a toilet. Facebook told me that it didn’t violate their terms and allowed it to stay up.

    23. Carolyn this was a fine example of the lack of comprehension facebook has for the world. this may have started a riot if things were tweaked the right way. lol . also im pretty sure facebook thought she was breast feeding an 8 year old. i think it was a mistake just like this section of comments. misinterpreted passion.

    24. Oh no. I’d go “ham” for sure. Let the lady post pix of her baby. Lord only knows it’s not going to offend like some stuff that passes on FB.

    25. Ps I had a baby with a birth defect myself!

    26. posts or pictures that you report are NOT automatically removed.. i have reported some very disturbing pictures and was told it didnt violate their policy…its messed up

    27. That’s ridiculous. I saw a video posted of a toddler receiving a tattoo while his mother had him pinned down, tattoo artist smoking up during the process. I submitted it for a ban – denied. Unbelievable.

    28. it was post about a car crash and baby had injury that they needed money to help with bills. they never said it was a defect. it was same mom, baby, and the dad. not this picture. I think thats why it was taken down as it was used to get donations for baby injury which was a lie. It came out later that it was a defect. ive seen it lots on fb bout money not the defect.

    29. He was absolutely beautiful in that he was just the way God created him. God bless this family!

    30. This makes me so mad. Today someone posted a picture of a woman in a thong with her butt cheeks spread. You could pretty much see everything she had to show. I reported the picture because I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and relatives, not look at porn. I got a message back from Facebook saying they wouldn’t take it down because it doesn’t violate anything, yet this woman’s child does?!?! This world is just a disgusting place.

    31. So only people with “perfect” (according to her standards, I believe all babies/children are perfect) can post pictures of their children?! Not right at all.

    32. Come on FB!!! You are way better than this!!!

    33. I’ve reported several things that were very sexually explicit, racist, or just down right harassing and none of them got removed.

    34. God bless her and her beautiful family. She should have the right to post pictures of her baby just like any parent.

    35. Facebook wouldn’t take the pic down and ban her unless someone reported the pic as offensive. She shouldn’t take this out on facebook, instead she should go through her “friends” list.

    36. Instead of bashing facebook this mother should clean out her “friends” list. Facebook only deletes and bans people if someone reports the pic as offensive repeatedly. Just saying

    37. They don’t find anything offensive with showing the full frontal of Kim Kardashian, but because the beautiful baby wasn’t “normal”, they had to take it down? I’d love to see more pics of babies like him then any of Kim anyday.

    38. That’s because the people working the ‘reported photos’ department don’t actually look at the photos. It’s a 50/50 shot something will be taken down or left up. I’ve been reported for a picture of lips…LIPS, with lipstick on but then someone else can post the exact same picture and it doesn’t come down. Fb doesn’t care.

    39. Notice how they criticize Facebook (as they should be criticized) for not allowing the picture to be put up but the news article didn’t even have the picture on it….

    40. I love that after 3 years little Grayson and Heather Patrick Walker are still getting so much support. I have really enjoyed seeing her new blessing Preslie grow over the past few months. I know Heathers a great mom. 🙂

    41. Beautiful baby. Just want to kiss him! sending love to that precious family.

    42. My heart goes out to the family that lost their beautiful baby.

    43. Awwwe that’s so sad!!! I know she loves that little boy. She could have chose abortion but instead chose life and there is nothing gross in this picture. Its the love between that family. I am appalled.