• Should Grandpa and Grandma Be Your Babysitters?


    Deciding what kind of childcare to use is an important and often difficult decision for many couples returning to work after having a child.  There are lots of factors involved in deciding what sort of child care system to use.  We have been blessed to have two sets of grandparents in town who are willing to help cover childcare for our son while we work.  As you can imagine, there are many amazing benefits to this scenario, but it’s not all roses.

    Here are 5 great reasons to consider having your parents help with childcare. Find them on the next page!

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    8 Responses to “Should Grandpa and Grandma Be Your Babysitters?”

    1. There are some negatives as well…. This article only lists the positives!

    2. Marion Nevins-Huff so true ❤️

    3. Not everyone has older grandparents who are retired/able to babysit all the time. Three of our grandparents work full time jobs (they’re in late 40s) and one lives 3hrs away, two great grandparents are too old/not in good health to be babysitting too much. Would be amazing tho!!

    4. I only wish that were an option for us! Both sets of grandparents are business people and work 70+ hours a week.

    5. I only let my parents watch our kids. They’re the only ppl I trust plus the relationship they have with the kids is just amazing!

    6. I have only left my son with Grandparents. I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, but whenever a sitter is needed to only way I feel at ease is if he’s with My Momma! She raised us 4 just fine so I know I don’t have a thing to worry about!

    7. Both sets of grandparents do not live anywhere near my family. We don’t have aunts, uncles or cousins nearby either. Be grateful you have anyone you trust. Sure wish we did. A date night would be amazing!

    8. The kind of grandparents this article talks about are ideal babysitters. Some seemingly live to undermine mom and dad. Number 5 is the most important. Knowing the rules. As long as they follow them i agree grandparents are the best people to keep your precious little ones while you’re away.