• The Challenges Of Weaning Your Baby From Breastfeeding That Nobody Tells You About

  • There are so many benefits for both mother and child when a woman decides to breastfeed. It gives your baby the best nutrition possible, helps protect and build their immune system and let's not forget the undeniable bond that grows between a mother and her nursing child. But what about weaning your baby off breastfeeding? When is the right time and how do you do it? Read this Mom's story and how she struggles with the process of weaning.

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    4 Responses to “The Challenges Of Weaning Your Baby From Breastfeeding That Nobody Tells You About”

    1. This is similar to my second son. I had found out I was pregnant with my third. I was so sick during the pregnancy. I nursed him until I was 5 mo pregnant and had to stop. I did it gradual. At 2 he was still nursing 8 times a day. I started cutting one session out every couple days. The last feeding was in morning. That was his most comforting time. He cried for almost 2 weeks 🙁 looking back I’m glad I did it a little at a time instead of cold turkey.

    2. Sorry I don’t have any advice to share; I’m in the same boat!

      One thing I’ve heard suggested is not only to limit the times you nurse, but also locations. Like only nurse in the glider in the nursery, not sitting on the coach, laying in bed, etc. I think that’s what I need to try, in addition to limiting nursing times to being at wake-up, nap, and bedtime.

      My son is a few months away from turning two, so I’m ok with weaning slowly, but I can’t fathom letting him breastfeed another 1-2 years (or more!).

    3. Oh my gosh, thank you for writing this. I feel so alone in this too. My son is 18 months tomorrow and nurses all the time. He nurses for the food he nurses to comfort you just nurses for the fun of it. I have a bad back and shoulder problems and it causes me physical pain to nurse him and I choose that I would nurse him for the first year. He’s a very demanding little baby and is a breath holder and will turn blue if he doesn’t get what he wants and pass out . I love the closeness as well but I am ready to have my body back and really struggle with what to do. You are right they only talk about little babies when they discuss weaning. I tried to explain to him that I am ready to have my breasts back and mommy’s back hurts and I think he’s starting to understand but that does not mean he’s ready to give it up. I’m in your boat so I don’t have any advice but truly appreciate you writing this and I too will be looking at the comments for help 🙂

    4. Mine was ready I guess because he started self weening very early on. I think he only liked it for the comfort factor but he loved real food more. He was and still is a joyful eater.