• The Mommy Status Updates I Hate!


    Social media can be pretty amazing. It can help us find our tribe.  In my area of the South, I’m a lot different than most of the moms I know locally. It’s nice to log in to Facebook or Twitter and find moms that share the same ideas and struggles. Being able to find that community gives me strength for the hard days and friends to rejoice with on the fabulous days!  

    But sometimes, I wish I weren’t surrounded by this group of moms in my social media world. Sometimes it doesn’t serve as a tool to help me be a great mom. Sometimes I read the status updates my friends post and I end up feeling pretty crummy. It’s not that they are purposefully trying to make me feel like a failure. I just have a nasty habit of comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate when I don’t “measure up.”

    Here is list of the status updates that make me jealous!

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    One Response to “The Mommy Status Updates I Hate!”

    1. Both of my kids were not potty trained until they turned 3. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, they just resisted. Also, their rooms look like bombs went off in them. I have decided that it’s all okay. It’s okay that we didn’t meet the timelines that most other kids do. And it’s okay that my house isn’t organized. Some day, maybe, it will be. Until then I am saving my nerves from exploding by not stressing over it.