• Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Husband!

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    He isn’t overly mushy, but he does like to be romantic on occasion. We have a rule about spending lots of money on each other for these holidays. The rule is that we don’t do it.  I can’t get him a new watch, it’s too expensive.  Even if I could, he never wears them.  I always write him a sweet card. I thought he was just throwing them away, but it turns out he keeps them all. It’s so sweet that he still has cards I wrote him in college.  

    Message balloons

    I went to my local florist for this one.  They have a helium tank, so I got them to inflate 14 balloons for me.  I wrote a special memory on each balloon with sharpie.  The balloons cost about $10 total. The hard part was getting all the balloons into the back of my car without popping them.  Once I got them home, they filled the entry way to our home.  He walked into a sea of balloons.  We had a lot of fun reading all the notes on the balloons and laughing about our memories together.

    Singing stuffed animals

    In high school, my husband always had to work on Valentine’s Day.  He worked for a fancy dining hall and he was required to work the Valentine’s banquet.  Since we couldn’t celebrate on Valentine’s, my husband started a tradition. We would go to the store after the holiday, when everything had been clearance, and buy our presents for each other.  You couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t on clearance.  I gave him a singing gorilla in boxer shorts that were covered in kisses.  The gorilla sings burning love. My husband kept the gorilla on his dresser until our son was born. Now he hangs out in our son’s room, and gets lots of use as a dancing partner.

    Month of notes

    This one doesn’t cost much at all, but it does take some planning.  I bought a small photo flip book and a Valentine sticker book at the dollar store.  Every day from February first until the holiday, I would leave a small note with a sticker and something I love about him.  I left the notes in places he would find them around the house.  He loved it! Every day he would look for his note before he left for work.  On Valentine’s Day, I gave him all the notes together in the photo flip book.  

    Bag of snacks

    He may not be interested in conversation hearts or a box of crème filled chocolates, but he loves Doritos!  I got a big gift bag and put some of his favorite junk food snacks inside.  It lasted him for weeks!  I wasn’t a big fan of the nacho cheese breath, but it was nice to know that something simple was the right way to go.

    I hope my favorite list gave you some great ideas for this year.  I’m still looking for something new to do, so I’d love it if you shared your own ideas in the comments. 

    Written by: Sara Parise

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