• What Is Disney’s Movie “Frozen” Really Teaching Our Daughters

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  • No one can doubt the success of Disney's Frozen. The movie contains well-developed characters, a wonderful and memorable score, and is obviously a marketing hit! And it has a good message, right? Love conquers all. That's true. But what are some of the other messages that the movie is communicating? What else might Frozen be teaching our children? Read on to see what this Mom has to say about the movie, Frozen.
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    106 Responses to “What Is Disney’s Movie “Frozen” Really Teaching Our Daughters”

    1. What a idiot !! I thought out of all the movie this is by far the best …if anything it shows the
      girls that you need to love yourself the way your are . And you dont alway have to end up with a man at the end

    2. I think this is ridiculous

    3. A little too philosophical for me… I think it’s perfectly appropriate and preferable to teach my daughter and sons that (1) sometimes appearances are deceiving (2) don’t judge a book by its cover (3) you don’t have to hide the parts of yourself that make you who you are and (4) true love – whoever it’s between – will always conquer all!

    4. This article is ridiculous and stupid! Wish I could get the 2 minutes of my life back that I wasted reading it!!! Get a life, lady!

    5. Over analyzing. But her child, her choice.