• What Is Oil Pulling?

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  • Learn what Oil Pulling is and why you would want to add this to your daily oral hygiene routine. Remember to do it 20 minutes in the morning and look forward to whiter teeth, fresher breath, and an overall mouth detoxification!



    4 Responses to “What Is Oil Pulling?”

    1. This is the only thing that helps ease the pain of my very severe toothache. Swear by this..

    2. I’ve tried it, but 20 minutes is a long time to keep swishing so I didn’t do it regularly. It did seem to help the short time I did it though.

    3. You may want to rethink it of you have fillings! It does have GREAT benefits BUT it has been known to loosen teeth fillings. Which can cause infection, pain, and expensive dental costs FYI!