• Why I Hate Potty Training My Toddler


    I’ve been debating about whether to share my potty training wisdom or not.  There are lots of articles about how it’s done. There are many methods for training both boys and girls. I’ve probably read them all.  My son just turned two. We started “training” at 18 months and have stopped and started periodically for the past six months.  He isn’t trained.

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    2 Responses to “Why I Hate Potty Training My Toddler”

    1. Love it!!! Same here… No pressure and stress it will happen…

    2. We began at 18 months because my son showed interest. We started and stopped a few times and with a lot of patience we had the peepee thing down pat by 22 months. We also did away with pants anytime we were home and there were plenty of accidents. It certainly did not take 3 days to accomplish. Now the poop thing was a little more complicated, he was down right petrified to go poop on the potty. So we just put him in his big boy undies and asked frequently if he had to go and that going poopoo outside the potty was bad. It eventually caught on and one day after his second birthday he decided he was over his fear. One thing I will say is that at 22 months I trusted him enough to go diaper less outside the house. He did really well and even told me had to go so we would make stops at the public restroom if needed. He never did pee or poop himself in public. My husband tried to sabotage my efforts by constantly putting him in diapers for fear of accidents but I was firm that he could do it. And he did!