• 10 Ways I Know I’m A Downton Abbey Junkie

    When I saw the first commercial for Downton Abbey five years ago, I was intrigued. I have always loved costume dramas (though at the time, I only knew them as “period pieces” – oh, my ignorance!). I thought, what a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Why not? I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind me taking over the TV to watch the show. Overly pleased that I did not ask him to watch it with me, he gladly obliged. I got myself a cup of tea and some popcorn, and I have been hooked ever since!

    These are my reasons that I know that I am a Downton Abbey junkie:

    1. I pine for the first Sunday in January, when the first episode of each season is aired.

    2. I have every season on DVD and will soon possess season 5 in my sweet little hands.

    3. I can tell you the plot line of every episode within the first 2 minutes of the show. (Did I mention I own the boxed set?)

    4. I wake up, do housework, and drive my car with the theme song in my head.

    5. My husband knows that Sunday nights from January to February are off-limits!

    6. I have watched nearly a dozen episodes with my arms raised in the air to extend the poorly working antenna when PBS was on the fritz so I wouldn't miss a show. (Yes, I did say antenna. We limit our TV intake to what can come in with rabbit ears, DVDs, and dare I say it, video cassettes.)

    7 .When our rabbit ears were not enough, I have invaded the homes of friends, box of tea and mug in hand, so as to not miss one British moment.

    8. I watch the shows in closed-captioning. It's British! I can't always understand their varied accents, so in an effort to catch every witty, well-written phrase, I read their words, not just their lips!

    9. I deprive my children of naps on Sundays so that they will go to bed early enough that I hear the opening notes to the show. This way they are too exhausted to tiptoe into the living room to ask for a drink, snack, potty break, etc. and keep me from MY show!

    10. I just love it. I don't care if my friends call it a soap opera. I don't care if it's occasionally smutty. I don't even care that my husband makes fun of me every chance he can for liking it. I still love every blasted moment of it! Thank you very much.

    Written By: Lisa Liebling


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