• 10 Ways To Bring Your Sexy Back When You’re The Mom Of A Toddler


    From ModernMom.com we get some scandalous tips on how to feel at the top of your game and bring out that youthful attractive woman you have inside of you!

    Here's a quick snippet to enjoy:

    1- As you bend over to pick Cheerios off the floor, make sure to move seductively, like a panther, or like Blanche Dubois.  Make your arm movements fluid and sensual.  An observer should be unable to distinguish you from a tango dancer, except for the baby poop on your shirt.

    2- When your husband calls, answer using your huskiest and most arousing tones.  “God,” you will murmur, “Have I told you how crazy it drives me when you leave for work and forget the goddamn lunch that I packed you in the refrigerator?”  Make sure the kids don’t overhear you, you naughty seductress.

    3-  When you’re at playgroup, keep your juices flowing by bringing the conversation around to sex.  Ask detailed questions about your hostess’ sex life with, and before, her husband.  Ignore when you’re asked to leave and continue your sassy girl talk until you and your toddler are forcibly removed from the premises.

    4- Wear a bustier to Mommy and Me class.  When the other moms look at you strangely, be kind. They are just jealous that you’re in touch with your inner sex goddess.

    To see the rest of these surefire ways to get your sexy back, click the link below:

    10 Ways Bring Your Sexy Back When You're The Mom Of A Toddler



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