• 3 Daily Tips To Get Rid Of Stress And Worry

    2) Take a long bath with bubbles or oil to soothe your body; Even if it is at 11pm at night when all went to bed. You will not regret this. The bath will soothe you and once your body is soothed your mind will follow. As the water drains out of the tub, allow all your worries and stress to flow with the water down the drain. If you don’t want a bath you can do the same with a shower. Let the water wash away your stress and worries from the day. Allow the water to refresh your body, mind and spirit. Water is healing. You can also use candlelight and soft music.

    3) Walking is another way to release your body’s tension. Walk down the block, if you have small children, pull them in a wagon. If weather doesn’t permit, go to an inside mall, or walk in place for about 20 mins. As you walk, you focus on each foot. As you step down you are letting go of your stress or worries. As you bring each foot up you are bringing new thoughts of love to your body for all it carries and does for you. If you are outside listen to the birds, they are singing. Feel the breeze gently against your face. Nature is healing; it can teach you many things. Pay attention. The trees are bending and flexible as you are learning to be.

    Written by: Brydie Clark


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