• Applying Playground Rules to Finding Friends

    It was once so easy.  You spy a girl playing by herself on the playground, march up to her and inform her she is now your friend.  In school, you were constantly surrounded by children your own age, and it was easy to single one out from the herd.  You went through the battle zone together – hormones, first periods, first boyfriends.  You talked about everything, and seemed to never run out of topics to discuss.

    Now, you’re an adult and a mother.  Your “me” time is virtually nil, but when time does free up, who do you hang out with?  Who do you giggle and talk about boys with?  Who knows your deepest, darkest secrets?  If the answer is no one, you, my friend, are not alone.  How do you make new friends, without coming off as desperate for attention?  In a “Please play with me” kind of way.

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