• How To Make Running Easier


    Follow these tips and get pumped about running again! Put on those sneakers, get your iPod, and head out on the road. Once you can take pleasure in the run, you'll find yourself wanting to do it more often. And then before you know it, pounds are shedding from your waist!

    No matter how much you love running, you are going to have your fair share of sucky runs. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes your runs will drag on forever, everything will hurt, and endorphins will go MIA. But new research from New York University suggests that you can make those runs seem shorter and easier—and run them faster—if you keep your eyes focused on a target in front of you.

    And, what’s more, running doesn’t always involve a destination; take, for instance, when you’re working out on a treadmill or elliptical. There's also the stair climber, the stationary bike, and, all cardio aside, lifting and planking. That’s when disassociation tactics such as listening to music, watching TV, or chatting with a friend may prove helpful, says Cole. “When people distract themselves, they may be less likely to notice bodily cues that tell them they’re ready to stop exercising, or they may be in more positive moods, which can help them to exercise faster and longer.”  

    These tips will make all the difference in the world! These tips came from Women's Health Mag.com, who always give such great health tips! To read more go here:

    How To Make Running Easier


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