• Packing Your House For The Big Move Sucks!

    They say that breaking up is hard to do. Well, so is packing for a move. It would be easier if I could just throw it in a box and call it good, being able just to sort it when we get there. But it's not that easy for us…

    I have to pack my house. My whole house. But not because we are moving into a house of equal-size and storage space. We will be renting a 2-bedroom townhouse with no storage, other than the garage, in a distant city while waiting for our home to sell here. It will be a tight squeeze, physically and budget-wise, but it will be worth it to be in the same city. Meanwhile, I need to nearly single-handedly pack my home into two categories: house and house storage.

    Should it stay or should it go now?
    It's hard enough to pack up one's worldly possessions, but I have the added pleasure of having to categorize everything on the way. What do I need? What can I store? Then, I ask myself, “If I don't need it now, why am I keeping it?” That makes me want to do an entire overhaul of our possessions. That sounds great and all. Way to de-clutter, woman! There's only one thing that stands in my way, and he weighs about 180 lbs.

    But, wait, we might need that broken lamp.
    My husband is a bit of a pack rat. I wouldn't call him a “hoarder,” but getting rid of things is just wasteful to him. Why get rid of things we might need some time in the future? “Don't throw that crusty pan away; we could use it for camping.” Totally ignore the fact that we haven't camped since 2008. “We might need those blankets!” Forget the fact that we have a whole linen closet full of them – about 33, to be precise. When are we conceivably going to need 33 blankets among the four of us? That's 8.25 blankets apiece! Ridiculous.

    So, back to the packing. My husband will help pack on the weekends when he comes to visit. That's a good thing. He's a good man. During the week, though, I still have a junk-load of home to pack. This may not seem like a big deal. Why don't I just do it? Sorry, people, I'm just not that organized. (I know – pack rat husband, unorganized wife. You can imagine our home right now, I'm sure.) It's tough to fit in all this packing while homeschooling and caring for our two attention-hog, loving children. They just want Mommy's attention. All the time. I'm an obsession to people under the age of six. Like cocaine, only sweeter. Oh, I know! I am pixie sticks. 🙂

    The plan. The plan? Oh, yeah, um, the plan…
    I'm sure this will all be one big, laughable, happy memory down the line, but in the meantime, it stresses me out. I am sure I will come up with some big plan for how to complete this task successfully and with grace… Who am I kidding!? I'll probably bumble through it, eking in at the last minute while pissing my husband off numerous times in the process. I don't mean to; I'm just a flake sometimes. It will get done, though. And if I do have a brilliant plan, you can be sure to read about on wifeonthego.com. Most likely, I'll just complain about it again in the near future.

    Darling, can't you hear me S-O-S?
    Thanks for reading. I needed your support. And if you have any tips, bring 'em on! I'll take all the help I can get. And, please, can you bring your tape gun?

    Written By: Lisa Liebling

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