• Teenager’s Room VS. One Large Trash Can

    Here is a list of what I found in her room:

    Used facial wipes. For those who don’t know what these are, these are basically baby wipes for your face to remove makeup.  So they sort of work the same way – removing crap.  There was a pile of these on her dresser, dried out, with mascara stains. Why she couldn’t throw them away in the convenient trash can located 5 feet away in her bathroom, I have no clue.  

    Dirty dishes. I found both dirty plates and dirty glasses. One bowl had something encrusted on the bottom (I don’t even want to know).  I soaked about a third of what I found before putting them in the dishwasher. If the food resembled the leftovers – my stomach clenches with the thought of what she was actually eating. 

    Half empty (or half full) cans. She is addicted to Golden Bears.  These lovely concoctions are lemonade and iced tea, manufactured by AriZona Tea.  They come in a can – similar to a Coke can, only they are 23 ounces.  When I rinsed this out before putting the can in recycling, this snot-like goo started to emerge. How long had this can been sitting in her room? Long enough to ferment apparently.  

    Empty water bottles.  A fort could have been erected from all of the empty water bottles she had stashed in her room.  I guess if you’re going to have a secret addiction, water is the way to go.  Is she becoming a hoarder?  

    Clothing tags. With all of the Christmas money/gift cards, she added to her clothing collection (have I mentioned it is more extensive than mine?).  Price tags from virtually everything she bought was scattered around her room like confetti.  Again, the trash can is 5 feet away….

    Wrappers. Candy bar wrappers of every color of the rainbow.  I am happy to report the wrappers were in the minority.  But…..trash can……

    I think from now on, if I see a messy room, I’ll just close the door and walk away.  

    Written by: Allyson Johns

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