• And I Thought Turning 40 Sucked

    A number of years ago, I turned the Big 4-0.  Why do we refer it as that?  It should be called “4-0 almost dead not the new 20 this sucks big ones”.   My friends can tell you – when I was in my 30’s, I was active, my metabolism kicked ass, I was hardly ever sick. I hit 40 and bam!!!  A truck hit me, backed up, rolled over me a couple more times, spit me out on a train track to let the trains finish me off.  Not literally, but it sure as hell felt like it.

    On Cougar Town, in one episode, Grayson informs Jules that when guys hit 40, it’s adorable, but when women hit 40, it’s “icky”.  I couldn’t have said it better, you six-pack-abs-smoking-hot-asshole.  As Bette Davis once quipped “Growing old is not for sissies”.

    Now I’m looking another age-that-shall-remain-nameless in the face, namely my face (where did THAT wrinkle come from!!!).  There are articles out there that say “I’ve never been happier at any age” or “Happier now than I was in my 20’s”.  I call bullshit.  These articles are bullshit.  The writers must be drunk, or high, or on meds.

    This is not one of those articles. This is one about why the younger years were better.  So suck it!


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