• What I Learned About Divorce Proceedings

    I know, I know.  You all are getting sick of my incessant divorce and/or NCAA articles.  But by now, you should realize I am passionate about fairness for them both.

    My situation is a little unique, as my educational background is in legal assisting.  I went into the field as a means to protect myself, should the need arise (and boy, has it!).  While at school, I fell in love with not only the law, but the act of learning itself.  So if I can help someone in some way, big or small, or learn something myself, I will go for it.

    I also made some of the best friends while I was in school, and we try to remain close.  Damn near impossible when you factor in marriages, births (one set of twins), 2 friends moving to Georgia, divorces, more moves.  The list just goes on and on……

    But I digress, back to this whole learning thing:  Here are examples of what I learned about the law & divorce after graduation. Continue onto the next page:

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