• Dear New Mom

    Dear New Mom,

    I know you’re getting lots of advice right now. I know sometimes you just want to tell everyone to mind their own business. Other times, you’re so afraid that you’re not getting it right. You’re waiting for someone to tell you that you’re not completely failing at this mom thing.

    You’re not completely failing at this mom thing. You’re doing just fine. Better than fine, you’re amazing.

    I know you have heard this a lot, I know I won’t be the first person to say it… or the last. Let me give you some advice.

    Don’t worry, it’s not the sort of advice you’ve been getting. It’s advice from a mom in the trenches. It’s advice from a friend. 

    Trust your instincts. 

    That’s it. That’s my best advice. I know it sounds simple and complicated, scary and easing at the same time. This mom thing, this crazy huge responsibility is as easy and as hard as trusting your instincts. 

    You see, I believe that you really do know best for your baby. I believe that you have a special bond, a special innate knowledge of what he needs. I believe that nobody knows him like you do and no one ever will.

    So the one piece of advice that it’s absolutely critical I share with you is to trust that. Trust that you are already well on your way to being that amazing mom you want so desperately to be. Trust that you already know exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Trust that no one will be able to comfort him the way you can. Trust that no one will be able to make him smile or giggle quite the way he does for you. Trust that no matter what happens, no one in this world can ever be better at being his mom than you.

    Trust your instincts. I know they’re right. Soon you will too.


    A Mom

    PS. You got this. You really do.

    Written by: Sara Parise

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