• DIY Cellulite Scrub With Coffee And Coconut Oil

    Those tell-tale dimples happen to the best of us. I found this great secret recipe for a DIY cellulite scrub at RedbookMag.com. By massaging your cellulite with this DIY scrub you'll be stimulating circulation and breaking up fluids beneath your skin, leaving a firmer, tighter more radiant appearance. Not only does it help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but with it's combination of coffee grounds, coconut oil and sea-salt it smells amazing! Also, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet play a very important role in keeping signs of cellulite at bay.



    – 1 cup of coffee grounds

    – 6 tbsp coconut oil

    – 3 tbsp sea salt or sugar

    – empty jar

    – dry brush (optional)

    STEP 1:

    Measure out the dry ingredients and combine in a large measuring cup or bowl.
    STEP 2:

    Melt the coconut oil in the microwave if solid, and add to the mixture.
    STEP 3:

    Mix well.
    STEP 4:

    Transfer contents to a waterproof jar or container.
    STEP 5:

    OPTIONAL: Before getting in the shower, use your dry brush to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow. Brush lightly in a circular motion on any problem areas, or all over your body to reap the full benefits of dry brushing.
    STEP 6:
    In the shower, apply your scrub to areas with cellulite. Massage the scrub onto skin in a circular motion before rinsing. Repeat every time you shower for best results. Et volià!!


    Source: RedBookMag

    Image: Footlooseathome

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