• Girls vs. Boys

    Raising a daughter and having 4 nieces, I don't have much experience with boys.  I spent more than my fair share in the trenches with Barbies, Bratz and dollhouses. And spent more than my fair share of money on all of the above.  But now that I'm in a relationship with a dad with 4 children, my exposure to being around these weird creatures called boys has increased dramatically. 

    I have come to find out that they're like puppies, if they sit still long enough, they have to run their pent-up energy off in a variety of ways.  These ways include jumping up and off of kitchen countertops or running from the kitchen to the hallway to the front living room in a huge circle or even running up the stairs, and then right back down.  Sometimes it's exhausting just watching them. 

    I have also discovered that they are not nearly involved in you as girls are.  You don't hear “Oh, my God, Mom….you're not wearing THAT, are you?”  Their drama is lower key – they get mad, they punch each other and they move on.  None of the stupid backstabbing that is so prevalent with girls.  

    Here are some HUGE differences between having girls or boys: (Find them on the next page)

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