• Indians in the Woods

    I have a lot of great memories from my childhood! We did so many fun things that I already know my kids are going to miss out on. It makes me sad to think about them missing out on the memories that I have, but they will make their own memories. After all, there are many things they will get to do that I never could have done.

    One of the most fun things we did as kids is to explore the woods. We had acres of them behind our house and we loved pretending to be Indians in the woods. It might not be politically correct, but that is what we did most days from the time we finished breakfast to the time the sun went down. Some days we didn’t even stop for lunch.

    My siblings and I spent all day outside. We roamed through acres of woods filled with streams, ravines, hills, and trees. We rubbed mud on our faces and pretended to be Indians. We spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for the perfect “walking stick,” building forts, dams in the stream, wading, and climbing trees. My mother didn’t come with us. We didn’t want her to. It was our world and to have an adult there would have just ruined it.  We would walk so far into the woods on some days that we had to run all the way back before dark. Our mom had one rule:  you must be inside by the time it started to get dark.

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