• Baby Stuff You Do And Don’t Need

    The Crib

    My son’s crib was a beautiful Jenny Lind crib that matched the set I had as a baby. My mother was ridiculously happy about finding it. I still remember helping my husband to set it up in the kitchen only to realize we would need to take it apart again to get it through the nursery doorway. My mom even made custom Beatrix Potter bedding for it. We didn’t use it once. Unless you count the few times he toddled around in it, chasing stuffed animals before we finally took it apart and put it in storage. 

    We decided to co-sleep and the crib never got used. When my friends ask me which new baby item I recommend they skip… I usually say the crib first. So much money was spent on that beautiful crib that never got used. We could have put that money to better use in his college fund. Don’t worry, it’s not still sitting in storage, I passed it on to my brother for their new little one. This time around I know I won’t need it.

    The Bassinet

    I had every intention of using the bassinet with my first child. We really did for the first two weeks. Then we couldn’t anymore. My beautiful baby boy was nearly ten pounds at birth and by the time we got home from the hospital he was over eleven pounds.  After two weeks he was fifteen pounds and the bassinet was out of commission. The beautiful white lace bassinet had a weight limit of fifteen pounds. This time I told mom not to even bother getting it out of her attic. It’s beautiful, but not incredibly useful.

    The Bouncy Seat

    I insisted on having a bouncy seat. All my mommy friends had assured me that the bouncy seat was a must have baby item. “It’s a life saver! He slept in it for months. It’s the only way he would sleep”, one of my friends told me. I can count on one hand the number of times we used our bouncy seat. It’s not that I didn’t want to use it. I really did try. He hated the vibration, he hated the music. He hated being in the seat period. He screamed over sitting in that thing. I’ve given it away in favor of some other favorite baby gear items.

    The Baby Carrier 

    This is the replacement for so many things! I love, love, love my baby carriers. I was afraid to use them at first, but the need to complete a task without trying to juggle a baby in my arms at the same time eventually won out. Baby carriers like slings and wraps are my favorite. I love still being able to use my hands. I love that I can breastfeed in the carrier, which means I don’t have to stay glued to the recliner for 30 minute infant feeding sessions every couple of hours. I especially loved the baby carrier for long trips. Airports are so much easier to navigate without those bulky strollers.

    The Stroller

    You still need it. You’ll be so grateful for it. The first time I tried to go to the mall with the baby carrier instead of the stroller…. I regretted it. I felt like a pack mule. There I was, carrying my baby on my chest, his coat and mine, and a giant diaper bag. I couldn’t shop for anything. I went home and came back with the stroller. Also, having your baby snuggled up against you in a cotton wrap in August in the Deep South…. Oh you will regret that too. We were both covered in sweat. I love my baby carriers, but strollers are a must have too.

    The Baby Swing

    I really didn’t want a swing. I read an article about them causing back and neck problems for children that terrified me when I was pregnant the first time. After the failed bouncy seat, I decided to give the swing a try. It was a great decision. My son loved the swing. We got a great battery powered version which I highly recommend. The swing was great for those times when I needed to cook myself a real meal or go to the bathroom by myself. We will definitely be using the swing again this time.

    So what are the baby items you didn’t use? Do you have a must-have list? What’s on it? 

    Written by: Sara Parise

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