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    Now that we have that pesky Super Bowl out of the way, it’s time for the most glorious time of the year – college basketball season!  With a little over a month to go before the Madness starts, this is when sports really start getting good, at least to me.  I can watch football (as seen in previous article), I don’t mind going to a live baseball game (on TV = super boring), but I live for this.  This Holy Trinity of basketball: being The Father (Bo Ryan), the Son (Wisonsin Badgers Men’s Basketball Team) and the Holy Spirit (Tournament time).

    I fell in love with college basketball about 20 years ago.  I have watched the mighty fall, I have watched underdogs triumph.  I have seen scandals, witnessed coaches and players behaving badly.  But I have never fallen deeply in love with a team so completely than that magical night, February 9, 2014, when Wisconsin played Michigan State.   This little, at the time, unranked team, beat the Spartans by 2 points.  2 points!   It was the best game of basketball I had been a witness to….ever.   

    There are a number of women, like me, who enjoy college basketball.  Typically, women are the most rabid sports fans – I’m using my aunt as an example (Yes, Joni, talking about you!).  If you’ve ever had the opportunity of seeing The Ohio State Buckeyes fans in action, you feel me.  Surprisingly enough, no one in my family knew I was fanatical until last year.  

    What is it about college ball that holds such appeal?  I'll tell you on the next page:

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