• Most Irritating People during the NCAA Tournament

    In case you haven’t noticed, or caught on, or live under a rock – I love college basketball.  I love the ups and the downs, the high seeds beating the low seeds, the Cinderella stories, the upsets.  I love everything about it, even when my brackets (yes, I said “brackets”) are blown.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of irritants that come with my mad love for NCAA Basketball.  It’s not refs or the coaches that annoy me, though.

    It’s other people that comes with the territory.  And some may surprise you.

    Girlfriends.  Nothing will make me want to punch you in the face faster than being a girlfriend who is there under great protest.  Or is woefully ignorant of the game itself.  If I have to stop my enjoyment to explain anything to you, or your boyfriend goes into great detail, I will have to take you out.  If you whine, game over.   I will have you forcefully removed from the building.  Just sit there, smile, and drink your beer.  Bring a friend if you feel the need to chat, but keep the volume down.

    Advertisers.  Let’s face it, sex sells in advertising.  But when the commercials themselves become sexist, I will not only tune your commercial out, but I will remember NOT to purchase anything you are trying to sell.  One example is a major car manufacturer.  In one of their ads, a wife and husband notice that their neighbors purchased a new car.  The husband says “He must have gotten a raise”.  Excuse me?  Last time I checked, women are perfectly capable of earning a paycheck.  Did you ever think that this family bought a new car because the wife received a promotion and/or raise?

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