• My Morning Routine With A Toddler


    I’m a big fan of planning.  I love making a plan for everything, even my weekends. I also love writing things down. Before my son was born, I wrote out three different possible schedules for him on my maternity leave. I recently found one in my night stand and laughed so hard I cried. I must have been really crazy to think I could put my infant on a reasonable schedule right out of the womb. What a laugh!

    Since I still work outside the home most days, I have a morning schedule for us now.  It’s very well laid out with plenty of time to get everything done in the two hours before I need to leave the house. So why is it that I’m still late a lot of the time? Why is it that I often forget to do something or leave something at home? Why is it that I never feel like I have enough time?

    Well, maybe you can find out from reading a day in the life of me! Read my typical morning schedule on the next page.

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