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    For some odd reason, about a year ago, I started receiving two separate parenting magazines via subscriptions.  Subscriptions that no one I know will own up to signing me up to receive.  Had these magazines been delivered 15 years ago, I would have seen them as a windfall; now, they’re a nuisance.  A monthly nuisance, much like the period I used to have every month, 15 years ago.  Both magazines are geared toward moms who have younger children, and much to my horror, younger moms all together.  WTF?

    I started searching online for websites on both of these monthly tortures, only to find that their websites were virtually identical to their paper sisters.  In order to find articles catering to mothers with older children, mainly teens, searches had to be performed, complete with Saint Bernards.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

    Why do they think that parents only have small children?  Or do they think, because we have teenagers, we are so smart by this time, that we don’t require any paper or online help?  I’m betting on the first option.  

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