• Snow Days

    It’s that time of year. Snow is everywhere! Poor Boston is very sick of it all at this point I’m sure. In my little corner of the South, we haven’t seen a single snowflake this year. We don’t get much snow. Certainly not anything comparable to our friends in the North, but usually we have one or two light snow days. That’s the way I like it. Enough to play in and take a little break from work (everything closes in the South when it snows), but not enough to keep me cooped up for too long or bring on a case of “cabin fever.” 

    Snow days are a whole new kind of fun with kiddos! Instead of curling up next to the fire with a good book and some cocoa, I’m obliged to wrap myself and the kids in multiple layers and waddle out into the cold in the name of snow day fun. It’s cold, wet, and sometimes a complete nuisance, but it is fun!

    Here are 5 snow day activities you MUST try! Find them on the next page:

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