• Best Pieces of Advice I Ever Received

    Pregnant at 32, unmarried and having only dated the soon-to-be father of my soon-to-be-born child for a month (we were friends for over a year), I was about as clueless as you can possibly be about having a baby.  Yes, I had been around babies and liked them, from a distance.  My friends were younger than I was, and only one of us had a kid.   Once people knew I was going to be, more than likely, a single mother, I received plenty of unsolicited advice.

    Some of it was helpful (get the baby on a schedule as soon as you can) while the vast majority bordered on the ludicrous (you should marry the father).  See, I found out about his girlfriend the night before we were to start birthing classes, and that so wasn’t going to happen.

    The helpful advice I still remember to this day and it amazes me that it doesn’t occur to anyone in similar situations is on the NEXT PAGE:

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