• Sometimes Even Parents Whine

    It’s the end of another very long day.  You’re exhausted from being up all night (and all day) with a screaming baby, or you leave work only to start your “other job”.  You’ve spent all week caring for a sick child, or your boss has been riding your ass all week to get a project in before the deadline. You’re not Superwoman!  Sometimes you just want to throw down a temper tantrum like a 2-year old. 

    Because throwing yourself on the floor, kicking and screaming, would make you look like an idiot, you need to find an alternative.  Since no one has a padded, sound-proof room in their home, what are the alternatives to punching the next person you see in the face?  Is there a way to survive another lecture from your boss, your mom, your nanny, the annoying over-achieving mom in your group?

    All the advice you can find on the internet is “blowing-sunshine-out-the-a**”, sickeningly sweet. “Read a book…..Meditate…..Practice deep breathing”.  It sounds great, if in fact you could actually get the ambition you need to do any of it.  

    Here are some other “gems” Little Miss Mary Sunshine suggests: (Find them on the next page)

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